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Finding Your Perfect Fit: Christian Louboutin Sizing Guide

June 05, 2020 4 min read

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Christian Louboutin Sizing Guide

When it comes to Christian Louboutin shoes, the lure of the red lacquered sole is undeniable. While the look of this coveted footwear may exude dainty elegance and bold femininity, any designer shoe veteran will tell you that squeezing into the perfect size of red bottoms can sometimes be anything but fabulous. So if you're in the business for your first pair of Loubs, or maybe you've decided to expand your current red-bottom collection, we've put together a short and sweet Christian Louboutin sizing guide featuring some of their more popular styles to help you find your perfect fit!

Before diving in, there are a couple of points that should be considered in the discussion of Louboutin sizing. First, the only sure-fire way to meet your perfect red-bottom match is to try them on in person. Each pair of Christian Louboutin shoes are hand-crafted from start to finish. While each style is crafted under the same sketch and dimensions, no single pair of shoes are ever the exact same as the next, making them both exquisitely unique, and very subjective in terms of sizing. A second thing to consider before investing in a pair of red bottoms is the natural shape of your foot. While there are outliers, since Louboutins are crafted using Italian sizing dimensions, most styles harbor a more narrow style fit that can be a little tricky for those of us with a wider foot.      

So Kate Pumps



One of the most classic styles the brand has to offer, the So Kate offers a classic stiletto pump look with a pointed toe and a steeper arch than the similar Pigalle style. Because the So-Kates boast a very rigid, symmetrical silhouette, this style is considered one of the most narrow fitting styles and is often reviewed as fitting significantly smaller than expected. To save yourself the trouble, these are one of the styles we recommend rounding up an entire size to size and a half, depending on both the width and curvature of your foot. If you happen to have to round up a little larger than expected and your new pair of red bottoms still don't fit quite right, Louboutin connoisseurs often advise that you invest in back-of-heel cushions to minimize the space between your foot and the heel of the shoe.      

Lady Peep Pumps


Considered to be a more comfortable style, the Louboutin Lady Peep pumps offer a thick platform that provides slight support for those with a small arch. In terms of sizing, the peep-toe silhouette does offer a truer-to-size fit than the close-toed styles, but only if your foot is naturally narrow in shape. With this pair of platform red-bottom pumps, we generally suggest in rounding up at least a half size.      


Daffodile Pumps

A style slightly similar to the Lady peep, Daffodile pumps are the best way to get that height with additional support. The tall heel is counteracted with thick hidden platforms, giving you that additional 4-inch feeling without tipping forward. A little on the narrow side and being a closed-toe style, you can expect these shoes to feel a bit tight, so it may be wise to go up a half size in these glamorous pumps. 


 The No Prive & The New Very Prive 

From the No Prive to Very Prive and now the New Very Prive, elegant arches, small platforms, and a little peep-toe to see your pedi, the Prive pumps have upgraded through the years. From slingbacks to the closed heel, these shoes can be a bit forgiving when it comes to sizing. Depending on the foot these shoes can fit true to size or you may need to size up because of the narrow construction.

Twistissima Pumps

 As a general rule of thumb for any pair of red bottoms designed with non-leather material such as the fabulous Twistissima mesh and sequined pumps, we would suggest rounding up a full size and a half as the material may not have the same ability as leather to stretch and mold to your foot over time.      


So just remember, before you buy those pretty pumps, the width of your feet, the length and width of your toes, the type of shoe, material, and even your own personal preference of wearability are all factors you should take into consideration. Also, over time, your shoes will stretch out as you wear them or you can even use various methods to stretch them out to just the perfect size.     


We hope our sizing tips will be put to good use on your quest for the perfect pair of Louboutins! Check out our site and find your perfect red-bottom fit here.


[Updated June 2020]



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