The Ultimate Guide to Gucci Handbag Styles

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The Ultimate Guide to Gucci Handbag Styles

Gucci is back in a major way, and around here we are calling it the "Gucci Effect". It is everywhere on the street style scene, and other designers are clearly being inspired by Gucci's luxuriously eclectic collections. With creative director Alessandro Michele at the helm, the brand has released an endless array of new styles. It inspired us to create a quick and easy guide for keeping all of Gucci's most popular new styles straight. After all, we need to know what they are called before we can write out our wish lists, right?  


Gucci Dionysus Collection

  The Dionysus collection features U-shaped, double-headed tiger closures, and is beyond chic. This structured bag has been a street style staple in all of its different versions. For the most part, this style is rendered from GG Coated Canvas. The surface embellishments are what makes this style though. The embroidered patches in the bag above are opulent and over-the-top.  

Gucci Marmont Collection

  The popular Marmont collection features a new rendition of the brand's logo. Instead of interlocking GGs, the Marmont Collection has side-by-side GG emblems. This collection comes in what feels like a million different colors and materials, but for a less trendy investment we like the quilted leather ones pictured above.  

Gucci GG Blooms Collection

  Using the same coated canvas as the Dionysus, the GG Blooms Collection is embellished with printed flowers. We adore the color contrast of this style, and every piece we've seen is a total stand-out.  

GucciGhost Collection


  GucciGhost is falls under the trendy category, but nevertheless it is a fun collection and oh-so of the moment. It is made of either canvas or coated canvas and features a graffiti-like version of the GG logo.   Of course, look no further when you are ready to sell your gently used bag so you can invest in one of these beauties... we have you covered


Let us know: what is your favorite Gucci handbag style or material?

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