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Game of Thrones: For the Throne Inspirations

April 16, 2019 4 min read

Game of Thrones: For the Throne Inspirations

Years of waiting are finally over and the final season of Game of Thrones has finally arrived! Thrilling excitement with the show's return shakes fans all over the world, including us and has left an impact in all forms of art and outfits. From House Lannister to the White Walkers, there is inspiration in every turn taken. Here at Couture, we have been inspired by some of the most influential groups of characters in the show to compile a list of some of our favorite picks. When you play the Game of Thrones, it is expected to have stand-out outfits, so we are here to help you bring the style of these houses into the real world! This may not be the world of Westeros, but with this assortment of inspiring pieces, you will be ready to take your rightful place on the iron throne. 


Free Folk: The Wildlings

Into the wild lands, you will find a group of people whom live freely from the ruler of the seven kingdoms. If you find comfort in lush greens and browns and have a free-spirited nature, you may draw inspiration from the Wildings. 

  • Smooth green and black malachite stiles stand out in this lovely David Yurman Spiritual Beads Tile Bracelet. With its smooth design, you can easily pair this bracelet with any ensemble for a perfectly polished finish. 
  • Beyond the wall and in the wild lands you may find that this lovely Celine Tricolor Luggage Bag will remind you of where the Wildlings dwell while imbuing luxury into your outfit. 
  • Keep it comfortable and natural when you slip into these beautiful Aquazzura Tiger Lily Fringe Booties. Show off your free spirit when you pair these with your outfit. 
  • Luxury and wild style combine effortlessly in this Prada Antler Mink Keychain. Never lose your keys when they're on this rustic and elegant piece. 


Pay Your Debts: House Lannister

Whether you're Cersei or Tyrion, confidence and valor best describe the traits of a Lannister. If you love to boldly showcase your confidence with deep reds and gold, you may be inspired to roar like a Lannister lion.

  • Bold renaissance style shines with royal appeal in these Konstantino Daphne Drop earrings. Feel like a queen when you put on these intricate earrings.
  • The chain like design gives this bag the edgy and luxurious appeal that one must have when they sit on the throne. While you attend to your royal duties, carry your essentials in this Chanel Minaudiere Evening Bag.
  • When you drink, you know things. These oxblood Christian Louboutin Very Prive Pumps are reminiscent of wine and if there is one thing that Tyrion loves most is having a glass at the ready.
  • Opulence and grandeur are personified in the Lannister name and so is YSL. Slip this Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring onto your finger for the perfect traditional finish a Lannister would wear in the modern era.  


Winter is Coming: House Stark

It's spring time, but that doesn't stop winter from coming. The house in the North and rulers of Winterfell appear in rich dark colors, embracing winter colors of black, white, and gray. If you like a polished and dark finish, House Stark may be your inspiration of choice.

  • This may not be a fur pelt, but the luxury of Louis Vuitton stands out in this Monogram Shawl Scarf. Wrapped around your neck or placed gently on your shoulders like Jon's cape, a little LV will go a long way in the Stark name. 
  • Strong and capable, the Louis Vuitton Very Zipped Tote Bag will endure just like the Starks and always will. With the deep black hue, Monogram designs, and sharp silver-tone detailing, this bag will stand out with alluring appeal. 
  • The Starks have always been prepared for the upcoming Winter, so why not do it in style? Slip into this pair of Chanel Icicle Fantasy Boots for an always haute yet inspired finish. 
  • Sharp and ideal for the personality of the Starks, this Hermes Hook Double Tour Bracelet/Choker is a versatile piece ready to take on various adversies before the oncoming war. 


Fire & Blood: Mother of Dragons 

The Targaryen name may live on, but the Mother of Dragons is supreme. Draw inspiration from Daenerys Targaryen with a little luxury, sophistication, strength, and fire.

  • Fire cannot kill a dragon and neither will this beautiful Diamond & Fire Opal Slide Necklace. Those who stare into the stone will realize they are in the presence of fire itself. 
  • Similar to the scales of her beloved dragons, this beautiful and pristine Chanel Small Chain Around Clutch Bag constructed in white lizard is fit for a Khaleesi. Keep your personal items close when you fly into battle with this opulent bag.
  • Beautiful bordeaux lizard allows you take your dragons wherever you go in this stunning Cartier Reversible Belt. Show off the might and strength of your house name when you step out with Cartier luxury. 
  • Incomparable in design, this John Hardy Diamond Naga Circle Ring is fit for the iron throne. Like the scales of the dragons, this John Hardy rings grandeur will stand out when it is slipped onto your finger.


A Song of Ice: The White Walkers 

Beware of what lays beyond the wall, but do not fear the shades of winter. Just like the icy tundra and their striking blue eyes, the white and blue hues of the White Walkers will give your outfits a light finish for every season.

  • Glamourous and icy, this David Yurman Blue Topaz Albion Necklace is a an eye-catching piece. People will stare into the blue topaz and feel the icy coldness of the White Walkers. 
  • This Chanel Blizzard Zip Top Jumbo Flap Bag proves that winter style is transcending. With the edginess of the black bottom and the ivory lambskin looks like the land beyond the wall.
  • There will be no slipping on ice when you slip into these Giuseppe Zanotti Sharon Platform Peeptoe Pumps. Perfect for the classy icy look, even the Night King would be jealous of this glamorous pair. 
  • Brace the winds of winter, or style seasonally, with the class of Louis Vuitton in this beautiful Shine Shawl Scarf. Sleek white and gold Monogram leaves a luxurious finish that will leave you coming back over and over again.


Are you ready to play the Game of Thrones with these inspired looks, or is there another character you draw inspiration from? Let us know in the comments!

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