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How to Rock Luxury If You Don't Like Branded Bags

September 19, 2017 4 min read

For some ladies, fashion is all about rocking logos and allowing instantly recognizable brands to speak for themselves. Design houses like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel (among others) rely on their recognizable logos to do some of their branding for them—and it’s a tactic that works. Just think of all the Chanel bags with gorgeous interlocking “CC” insignias that garner double-takes while you are out shopping. Or the Louis Vuitton Monogram and Damier canvas branded bags that are instantly recognizable to fashion-lovers and those who are more casual about their style. Getting that recognition can be wonderful, but the attention may be a little too much for some. That's where luxury bags without logos come into play.   Brand-heavy trends are why some fashion-lovers are looking for new and inventive ways to wear their favorite brand without all the branding that sometimes comes along with luxury fashion.   Truth is, it can be hard to toe the line between finding a style that you like and making sure the quality is kept high and that it’s worth the investment when it comes to resale value. Many times, purchasing a bag that has a high recognition-factor plays into the price it maintains throughout the years, as we can see with the vintage Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags that have kept their value as trends and seasons have come and gone. But opting for a bag that isn’t a classically coveted design covered in logos doesn’t mean you’re selling yourself short or making a bad investment. Instead, we recommend making some strategic choices that can help your new collectible stand out without extra brand embellishments.  

Not Into Branded Bags?

If you’re looking to keep things classic and subtle, there’s nothing stopping you from finding the perfect piece within the luxury realm. Though many covet bags with logos at the forefront, times have seen the logo-heavy trend wane and reemerge. It’s safe to say we’re within a brand renaissance as far as designs with emblems go, but designers are still creating gorgeous pieces with demure recognizability for those who want to go for understated looks.   Here are three examples of bags that offer you all the exclusivity and quality of luxury brands, without the overt emblems that are so popular nowadays.  


Gucci is known for their beautiful Guccissima pattern and interlocking “GG” logo, such as on the Soho bag. Because of how iconic these emblems are, it’s not an innocuous choice for those who prefer subtle fashion. But this is a brilliant example of a brand branding themselves without using easily recognizable logos. Gucci is known to feature beautiful bamboo details that have become so linked to the brand in the eyes of fashion-lovers, but the bamboo accents still blend beautifully and subtly into each design.  

This Nuveau Fringe crossbody is a gorgeously Gucci creation, and that’s a fact that isn’t totally in your face. The dark bamboo and stitching details, because of how frequently they’re used in Gucci collections, are a beautiful nod to the brand without overt imagery.   For those who are looking to avoid bags covered in logos, it may be a good idea to look for pieces that feature details, not logos, that allude to the brand you’re buying.  

Louis Vuitton

Another way demure fashion-lovers can still pick up a new piece from their favorite brands is by keeping material in mind. Louis Vuitton is a brand that has become a fashion staple with it’s beautiful Monogram and Damier canvas varieties.   However, Louis Vuitton bags don’t all have to feature overt logos like the Monogram and Damier canvas bags do. The key? Look for an alternative staple material that the brand specializes in. For example, though the canvas designs are a fan-favorite, Louis Vuitton has created another gorgeous material: Epi leather, such as this Alma bag.  

This material is stiff and long-lasting, with beautiful ridges covering the surface with a beautiful matte finish. Epi leather is undeniably Louis, but it is also undeniable subtle.   Epi leather bags typically only feature a subtle logo located on the corner of the bag. Even then, this logo is simply not ridged like the rest of the bag. As a result, the LV emblem easily blends into the pattern of the Epi leather to all but the untrained and fashion-focused eye.  


One of the most easily recognizable brands of all time, Chanel is best known for its two bag designs: the Flap bag and the Boy bag. These two designs feature front-and-center logos that add instant recognition to the bag.   If you’re looking to keep things on the subtle side, consider an alternative of these designs. Some vintage and temporary designs feature variations of these popular bags that lack the interlocking “CC” or Mademoiselle lock closures. And because of Chanel’s superior quality, these bags, though often older, remain beautiful and valuable throughout the years.  

This Chanel Mademoiselle Lock Flap bag features a new take on the traditional quilted designs by adopting a chocolate bar pattern and incorporating an understated Mademoiselle lock. Even the strap on this bag is a departure from traditional Chanel by forgoing the chain design and opting for a prominent metallic strap.   As a result, this bag is a reimagining of the Chanel flap and boy bag while still maintaining it’s own distinctive design that lacks the overt logos.   Do you think you’d reach for one of these bags without logos or stick to your favorite branded bags?

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